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Legal disputes of any kind are often costly and time-consuming. At Gurwell Law LLP, we pride ourselves on resolving your problem as quickly as possible while maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and ethics.

Committed to Individualized Service and Achieving Goals

Business Law Real Estate Litigation Collections Attorney | Huntington Beach | Gurwell Law LLPAfter working in larger firms for several years, Orange County attorney Karin Easter Gurwell founded her private practice in order to focus on the individual needs of her clients and tailor her representation to meet their unique circumstances. Business and real estate law can be extremely complex, especially in a state the size of California. Both areas require high quality legal counsel to ensure the best possible outcome. Ms. Gurwell’s work as a temporary judge for the Los Angeles Superior Court makes her well-suited to provide her business and real estate clients with first-rate legal representation.

Building Personal Relationships

At Gurwell Law LLP, you will receive the respect you deserve and the legal counsel you require. Our firm takes as much time as necessary when developing relationships with each of our clients. We truly care about both you and your case, viewing you as a person with a need, rather than a number on a case file. By understanding your perspective of the situation, we are better able to present every available option for obtaining a favorable outcome.

Experience — Skill — Dedication

Like many lawyers who have practiced for over 30 years, Karin Easter Gurwell has extensive experience both in and out of the courtroom. Ms. Gurwell is a skilled attorney with the tools necessary to solve your problem(s) effectively. Ms. Gurwell will work with you to develop a solid strategy and keep you informed throughout the entire process. She is extremely well-respected by judges and law clerks throughout Orange County and Southern Los Angeles.

Focused On Reaching a Resolution

When working to resolve your concerns, the attorneys at Gurwell Law LLP focus entirely on solving the problem. We work with you to reach an acceptable outcome through a variety of means, including negotiation and mediation. However, we are more than willing to take your case to trial if necessary, and we take great pride in protecting your rights and interests.

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