Knowledgeable Collections Attorneys Representing Huntington Beach & Seal Beach Clients

Gurwell Law has extensive experience dealing with both sides of the collections equation and can either help you collect the debt that is owed to you or negotiate with your creditors to establish a reasonable repayment plan.

Representing Business Owners

Collections Attorney | Huntington Beach | Gurwell LawWhen it comes to collections, our philosophy is rather simple. If you are a business owner, you know that your business model depends on debtors meeting their obligations in a timely manner. Customers who default on their financial obligations are a major liability. By addressing these concerns sooner rather than later, you will minimize the cost and expense ultimately involved in ensuring your debtors’ compliance with existing agreements.

Negotiation & Mediation

Of course, your attorney knows that it is best for you to negotiate a settlement outside of the courtroom, both to protect your privacy and reduce the amount of time and money involved in debt recovery. Keep in mind that it is also in the interest of debtors to avoid a costly and lengthy trial. An aggressive collections attorney knows how to bring your debtors to the negotiating table and help them recognize that honoring existing contracts is probably better for their pocketbooks in the long run than fighting these contracts in court.

Representation for Debtors

We also offer experienced representation for debtors. If you are being harassed or threatened by a debt collection agency regarding an outstanding debt, the collections attorneys at Gurwell Law can help. Activities prohibited by a third-party debt collection agency include contacting you early in the morning and late in the evening, employing threatening and/or obscene language, threatening you with foreclosure, repossession and/or litigation, adding your name to a list of debtors, failing to identify themselves when contacting you, disclosing your debts to employers, friends, and family members, and attempting to collect debt once the statute of limitations has been met.

We can also help you negotiate with your creditors in order to establish a reasonable repayment plan. Creditors will sometimes reduce the interest on a debt or even the principal amount if they feel repayment is more likely under these new conditions than those currently in place. An aggressive collections attorney can advocate on your behalf, prevent creditors from levying your assets and keep you out of court. Contact our office today to discuss your debts and review your options.

Contact Gurwell Law as Soon as Possible

If a collection agency is engaging in any of the unlawful activities mentioned above, it is in your best interest to speak with an experienced collections attorney as soon as possible.

Gurwell Law provides exceptional legal counsel to both plaintiffs and defendants in collections law cases. Contact our Huntington Beach office today at (714) 372-2266 to schedule your free initial consultation.