Huntington Beach Real Estate & Business Law Firm

Business law and real estate litigation encompass a wide range of legal practices. At Gurwell Law, we take the time to understand your unique circumstances and work to find solutions that help your business thrive. Litigation of any type can be daunting, and our sole mission is to provide you with the guidance and clarity you need to make objective decisions while building a strategy that ensures success.

Business Law & Litigation

Business litigation includes everything from contract litigation to the resolution of complex legal issues before state or federal courts. The attorneys at Gurwell Law have extensive experience representing clients in all business law matters, including construction litigation, business torts, business dissolution, partnership disputes, shareholder disputes, general contract disputes, breaches of contract, appeals, and employment and labor disputes.

Real Estate Litigation

When a dispute arises during a real estate transaction, it is best to speak with an attorney. The intricacies of real estate law in California are exceedingly complex. We can guide you through the entire legal process, ensuring that your rights and interests are protected in such matters as construction contracts, defections and/or warranty issues, zoning disputes, landlord/tenant litigation, mortgage foreclosure, commercial real estate disputes, property liens and disputes with banks and/or developers.


Cash flow and prompt payment of receivables are critical to the success of any business. Prompt legal attention to defaulting customers can prevent more costly efforts to satisfy outstanding debts. Judgments and levies against debtors should simply not be delayed.

Gurwell Law also represents debtors. Overwhelming debt is stressful, and just meeting necessary expenses (i.e. food, shelter, clothing, etc.) can be a daily struggle. Naturally, phone calls and letters from creditors don’t make things any easier.

Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Landlord/Tenant disputes can become complicated very quickly. This is especially true in California, which has a long history of intricate regulations concerning such matters. If you are confronting a legal dispute with your tenant or landlord, the guidance of an experienced landlord/tenant dispute attorney is indispensable.

We have experience in all landlord/tenant matters, including property damage disputes, broken leases, evictions, collections, overcharged rent, and missed payments.

The attorneys at Gurwell Law pride themselves on offering personalized legal counsel to Huntington Beach and Orange County residents struggling with business law, real estate litigation, and collections. Contact our firm today at (714) 372-2276 to schedule your free initial consultation.